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Unknown to most of the worldwide population, herpes is not just a sexually transmitted virus that can be contracted through various sexual contact, as the virus comes in at least eight different strains that can affect the human health with contagious illnesses. Among these, the most popular and more prevalent than the other strains are the human herpes viruses 1 and 2, with the first type commonly causing cold sores around the mouth, and the second type being the primary cause of genital herpes, although both types have long been known to also cause the typical herpes rashes in both mouth and genital areas. Go to this homepage to learn more. 


Quite commonly, the herpes viruses are transmitted through skin to skin contact, but can also be spread through other vectors especially when hygienic items like towels, razors, and even eating utensils are shared. Although the herpes virus does not survive long enough outside the human body, sharing items with people that might have active lesions or an active infection even without lesions can increase the chances of transmission especially when the other person has a weakened immune system. 


Although viruses are commonly self-limiting and can be cleared by the human body on its own, the herpes virus is known for its ability to live in the body forever as the viruses can hide in the ganglia of the nerve cells, where they cannot be reached by the immune system, certain measures can be taken to keep the dormant viruses from causing further breakouts on the skin. These measures, still called as herpes cures as they can help to keep breakouts at bay or clear current lesions, may provide permanent relief especially if one can improve their immunity. One of the most popular among these, the ultimate herpes protocol, a method developed by a herpes patient herself, uses natural products only, as enumerated and laid out in a book to serve as a complete guide for those that will need it, especially that herpes viruses can be a lifetime problem if not addressed with constant care, and might even require a change in diet and lifestyle for some people. By providing a handy and comprehensive guide in a form of a book or PDF, patients can better plan their self-care and lifestyle modification if needed, as they can have something they can always go back to for reference if they come across any questions and uncertainties when it comes to their long term treatment. Find a herpes cure now and get started!